Helen B. Horton
Horton Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Helen B. Horton

Helen B. Horton is the former chairwoman of Horton Broadcasting Co., Inc., a nationally-renowned radio station offering communication and broadcasting services. In her capacity, Ms. Horton conducted policy and chair board meetings, and made certain that policies and procedures were in order. She has served in numerous roles, including as Director of Policy and Legislation for the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency in Washington, DC, and as a real estate executive.


Ms. Horton feels that her diligence and determined attitude has allowed her to excel throughout her 20-plus years within the field. She has received a Letter of Appreciation for Work on the First Advisory Council on Aging from the Governor of Florida in favor of her outstanding services. Ms. Horton is also the vice president of the board of directors of the Palm Glades Girl Scouts Council, a speaker for the Sopromist Women’s Group and a speaker for the Indian River Community College Youth Group.


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Helen B. Horton
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