Helen B. Horton
Horton Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Helen B. Horton Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who Executive Registry
Helen B. Horton holds a wealth of experience as a volunteer and board member

PORT ST LUCIE, FL, March 17, 2014, Helen B. Horton, Chairwoman of Horton Broadcasting Co., Inc. has been recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of her career.


At the age of 17, Ms. Horton graduated from high school as Helen B. Mason and relocated from the mountains of West Virginia where only poverty existed to Washington, D.C. where she applied for a job at U.S. Air Force intelligence and worked as a leads specialist. Four years later, a foreign investigations division was created and Ms. Horton then headed that division. Ms. Horton then decided to diversify her experience and became an administrative officer with the District of Columbia, Department of Public Welfare and a year later became a procedures specialist. In the meantime, a department of human resources was created and Ms. Horton became a policy and regulations specialist in 1968. In December, 1979 congress enacted the first public law affecting the District of Columbia. Certain employees could retire if they so choose. She did not meet the age requirements but decided after so many years in policy and legislation to move. She took an early out and in 1980 moved to Port St. Lucie Florida. In 1989, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would be issuing a license for Port St. Lucie's first FM radio frequency. A total of 17 people applied. After years of hearings and depositions, Helen B. Horton, Horton Broadcasting Co., Inc was announced the winner. Ms. Horton’s win increased the number of females holding FCC licenses to two percent. Ms. Horton closed Helen B. Horton Realty, which was a successful company and had performed broker services for Resolution Trust Corporation.


Helen is active in the community with youth groups and senior citizens matters and recently served as the keynote speaker at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in Martin County, Florida.

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